Car buyers often want the best deal they can get. One way to maximize cost-effective car shopping involves buying a fuel-efficient model. The Mazda CX-30 draws attention since its a subcompact SUV. The style and design create an incredible crossover look. Questions arise about its fuel economy, and shoppers may like the answer.

Mazda CX-30 Miles Per Gallon and Driving Conditions

Fuel economy varies depending on driving conditions. Touch-and-go traffic in Conroe during rush hour isn't the same as driving on miles of empty rural highways on weekends. Mazda does have a good idea about what drivers can expect. In the city, expect the CX-30 to get 25 mpg. When traveling on the highway, the figure jumps to 33 mpg. So, drivers get a combined mpg of 28. Be aware those figures only reflect front-wheel-drive performance.

Off-road driving, weather conditions, and more may necessitate shifting over to four-wheel-drive/all-wheel-drive. In that mode, city driving comes out to 21 mpg while highway driving yields 31 mpg. Mazda reports it ran a test vehicle on 200 miles of empty highway and did hit the 31 mpg mark accurately. That should make would-be buyers feel confident.

Helping To Maintain Fuel Economy

Owners have to do their part to make sure a vehicle maximizes its fuel economy. Making sure the tires are correctly inflated and getting the oil changed regular help. The service team here at Gullo Mazda can help your vehicle out with routine maintenance for sure.

Removing unwanted cargo also helps with fuel efficiency. The CX-30 comes with outstanding cargo space. Use it wisely.

Under the Hood

The right engine means a lot when it comes to fuel efficiency and performance. The CX-30 comes with a four-cylinder 2.5L that gets help from its six-speed automatic transmission system to deliver 186 hp.

Anyone in the Conroe area interested in a new SUV or other vehicle is welcome to come by our dealership and explore our inventory. We know you'll enjoy the experience.

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