Do You Have What You Need for a Winter Road Trip?

If you are traveling outside of the Conroe, Texas region this winter, you will want to have some unexpected items on hand at all times in the event that your vehicle gets stuck on the road. These items include sand, salt and kitty litter.

Sand works very well at adding traction to iced-over driveways, and fresh kitty litter is also a good option in a pinch. Just be sure to use non-clumping litter or you could have a gooey and slippery mess on your hands!

Salt is also a good option for getting you out of a difficult position, but it can cause your car to rust. If you do have to use it, be sure to wash your car quickly afterwards to avoid any rusting. Drivers in colder regions of our country are already familiar with these road trip survival tips, and we hope that if you find yourself in a slippery situation, our tips can help.

We want to remind you to be prepared this season from all of us here at the Gullo Mazda auto service facility in Conroe, TX. Don't forget to always have an emergency kit in your vehicle. Hopefully you will not need it but be sure to have all the items that you will need to help you in a breakdown.

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