Risks of Leaving the Pet in the Car

When going for a road trip with a dog, there some things that you may want to consider before your journey. The most obvious measure that you can take to protect your pet during a road trip is to keep him secured in a crate, carrier, or special car seat. You also should not leave your pup unattended in your vehicle, whether it’s for an overnight stay or even what you may consider a short shopping excursion. This is an occurrence that happens with a few pet-owners, only for them to lose the pet to either the cold or heat in the car.

When you leave a pet in the car on a hot day, the car becomes a furnace. Most pets cannot withstand as much heat as we humans can. It’s because they cannot sweat like humans. Dogs, for example, cool themselves by sticking their tongue out. On a hot day, the pet can easily develop a heatstroke. When it’s cold outside, the car becomes like a refrigerator. It can cause the pet to freeze to death. You do not want to come back only to find your pet unresponsive.

Here at Gullo Mazda, we not only support your decision to take your furry family member on a holiday adventure, but we also encourage you to do it safely. For more information on safety measures when traveling with a pet, visit your veterinarian. If you need a bigger Mazda SUV to accommodate a pet crate, visit our Mazda dealership in Conroe, Texas!

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