All Mazda models to be hybrid, electric by 2030

Mazda Motor Corporation announced plans to make all of its vehicles electric based by the early 2030s. The company is setting the new strategy to meet new global emission regulations.

The first step for Mazda will be to introduce electric powertrain technologies which will include electronic vehicles in 2019. The planned vehicle is expected to be a low-volume with an optional rotary engine, which is an engine with triangular rotors that revolve in ellipses. Currently Mazda does not have any all-electric vehicles but does have a hybrid version of its Mazda3.

Mazda is developing new electronic technology through its partnership with Toyota Motor Corporation and Denso Corporation. The new company, called EV Common Architecture Spirit Co Ltd, will develop all types of vehicles from small cars to SUVs. It’s also working toward developing new ultra-efficient gasoline engines that can be paired with Hybrid technologies so drivers can get the speed they need without spending a fortune at the fuel pumps.

Mazda is committed to creating new technology both under the hood and inside its vehicles. Contact Gullo Mazda in Conroe, TX and our staff can arrange a test drive and give you more information about all our vehicles on hand.

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