Stay Safe on Flooded Roads

Hurricane Harvey has departed, but we're still dealing with the fallout. With excess water still be an issue in many places, you might still encounter dangerous conditions. Here are somethings to look for and remember if you encounter floodwaters while driving you car:
  • Six inches of moving water can knock over a standing person. 12 inches of moving floodwater is enough to move a car.
  • Floodwater under a bridge can still be dangerous. It can erode the foundation material around the bridge, leaving it unstable and dangerous to cross.
  • If you get your car trapped in floodwater but it's not moving, abandon your car and seek higher ground.
  • If you get trapped in moving floodwater do not exit your car. Wait for help as long as possible.
  • If you're trapped in moving floodwater and the situation is becoming unsafe, exit the car. Before you leave however, find something to cut your seatbelt. Seatbelts can stretch up to 30 feet in length. If you tie a loop in it, you can use it as a safety line.
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