Why is it Important to Know What the Information on a Tire Means?

Knowing the basics of what your vehicle and its parts require can be of great benefit to you. The series of letters and numbers on the side of the tire looks daunting at first. With a little explanation, you will soon be very comfortable with the abbreviations.

The series often begins with a letter, such as "P," which represents passenger car. From there, you’ll see a three-digit number, perhaps 225. That tells you the tire’s width in millimeters. That’s followed by a slash and then a two-digit number. That number, maybe 65, tells you the aspect ratio. This one says that the height is 65% of the width. There’s another number, perhaps an "R," which stands for radial. The last two-digit number reveals the size of the wheel it will fit on. If it’s a 16, then it will go on a 16-inch wheel.

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