Your Time is More Valuable Than the 3,000-Mile Oil Rule

Trying to fit getting your vehicle in for an oil change when you have a busy life can be a pain. You may have work, family obligations, school, and other errands that need to be completed here in the Conroe, TX area that take up your time. Well, we here at Gullo Mazda are happy to announce that the old 3,000-mile myth that you may have been following to get your oil changed does not necessarily have to be taken into consideration anymore.

You may not be able to go one, two, even more than five thousand more miles on the same engine oil before it has to be replaced. If you are interested in knowing just how far you can go on your oil before it is time to take it in to get it replaced, then take a look in your vehicle owner's manual under the 'routine maintenance' section and you should find all the information that you need. Schedule your upcoming oil change with the service team at Gullo Mazda!

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