Mazda CX-5 Design Features Offer Silent Integration

All 2018 model year Mazda CX-5 vehicles come with fresh design features that completely alter the driving experience. They're so well integrated into the vehicle that you might not even notice that they've been installed. This was exactly what Mazda's engineering teams intended.

If you ever get the opportunity to drive a CX-5 equipped with the new i-ACTIV AWD module, then you might not even realize that an onboard computer is applying all-wheel drive traction at various times when the road gets slippery. This module also adjusts your ride based on outside temperature. It can even alert torque pressure to reduce the risk of traction loss in spite of the fact that you'll never notice any changes. This takes pressure off you as the driver while increasing overall safety at the same time.

Weather can be really unpredictable in Conroe, so stop by Gullo Mazda to see what these advanced design features can do for you.

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