At Gullo Mazda we are excited about the changes made to the 2020 MAZDA6 and think customers in Houston will be, too. The changes to the Mazda6 kept many of the same features that customers were excited about in the 2019 model while adding enhancements for increased functionality and safety. Although the MAZDA6 is due for a complete redesign in the distant future, for now, the company is sticking with the design that they know customers love.

Our team in Houston appreciates the revised key fob in the MAZDA6. This redesign allowed owners to have a smart key fob that also positioned the panic buttons and lock and unlock buttons on the key fob's edge. Our team reports that this redesign makes it easier to handle when the owner is being rushed or is in a dark space. The update to a smart key fob also places the MAZDA6 into the modern class of car operation by requiring the type of technology that our customers depend on when buying a new car.

The other significant change in the MAZDA6 is the inclusion of a Signature badge on the vehicle's trunk. The badge sits particularly prominent on the X-5 crossover. While this change offers nothing in the way of functionality or safety, it does provide customers with a prominent way to show off the quality brand they have chosen.

Prices for 2020 MAZDA6 will also go up slightly. All five models will experience an increase of at least $200, with starting prices of $24,920. The Signature can cost more than $36,000.

A significant change from last year's 2019 MAZDA6 was the dropping of a manual transmission. MAZDA6 has decided to continue with that change and will continue to manufacture only automatic transmissions.

The 2020 MAZDA6 vehicles are not yet available to be purchased. The company declines to give an exact date of release but estimates that the 2020 MAZDA6 will be available to purchase in the fall of 2020.

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