When it comes to design, Mazda is known for creating some of the most beautiful and affordable cars on the market. Recently, the automaker's design was recognized with the 2020 award for World Car Design of the Year for the Mazda3. So, why exactly was the Mazda3 recognized at one of the best-designed vehicles of 2020?

The "Less is More" Approach

These days, you will find many vehicle designs that try to add more lines and curves around the vehicle. Mazda has bucked the trend with its Kodo Design aesthetic. This approach minimizes the amount of design detail to create a smoother, minimal design. Inspired by Japanese design approaches, the Mazda3 has been able to create a premium style that truly stands out from the crowd in Conroe.

A Smooth Exterior That Impresses

The first thing one would notice on the Mazda3 is the smooth lines of the exterior of the vehicle. This allows the Mazda3 to appear aerodynamic and offers a timeless look. At the front of the vehicle, there is a simple black mesh grille highlighted by the Mazda logo. The sleek headlights complement the front of the Mazda3 to create a desirable first impression around The Woodlands.

A Premium Interior Design

When you step into the Mazda3 at our dealership in Conroe, the first thing that you will notice is the abundance of soft-touch materials on the door and the dash. This makes the Mazda3 look more expensive than its affordable starting price. The dash has a clean look that creates simple horizontal lines that are pleasing to the eye. The center console is highlighted by the pop-up style touchscreen located above the center air conditioning vent. Finally, the steering wheel features a simple three-spoke design.

Two Available Body Styles

The Mazda3 is available as both a sedan and a hatchback. The sedan's sleek lines make the vehicle look longer than its 183.5-inch length. While the hatchback comes in at 175.6 inches, the vehicle is able to maintain a sleek shape thanks to its flowing lines from the headlights to the rear bumper. Overall, each body style has a unique body style that allows it to stand out from the crowd in Conroe.

A Tradition of Design Wins and Design That Sells

The 2020 Mazda3 is the second Mazda vehicle to win the World Car Design of the Year Award in the past five years. The previous winner was the 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata. This shows that Mazda remains committed to creating some of the most impressive automotive design to its entire vehicle line.

Thanks to the award-winning design, the Mazda3 has been one of the top-selling compact and small cars in North America. As the vehicle continues to win recognition, sales of the Mazda3 are expected to accelerate.

Why Design is So Important

Many people around The Woodlands probably don't think about design when it comes to automobiles. However, design is more important than many people think. That's because design can play a big role in the value of the vehicle over time. A vehicle with poor design will lose a great deal of value ane not be very desirable on the used car market. Great vehicle design can make a vehicle a classic. In fact, some of the best-designed vehicles retain much off their vehicle. In rare cases, a well-designed vehicle can go up in value over time.

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