Have you ever had a tire blowout while driving on the highway? It can be dangerous and scary. To avoid tire blowouts, it’s important to check your tires for low tire pressure. Most blowouts occur because tire pressure falls, particularly during colder months. When temperatures change, you should always check your tire pressure and ensure that it’s at the recommended level.

Additionally, blowouts happen because you’re driving on worn-down tires. Balding tires with very little tread are the most susceptible, especially if you are driving every day and pass through road hazard zones. Any sharp metal or debris could cause a tire blowout.

If you want to replace your tires, you should look for all-season tires. These last for up to 10 years. You can stop by our Conroe, TX location and check out the service department at Gullo Mazda of Conroe to get more advice on new tires or services to prevent blowouts.

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