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Here at Gullo Mazda of Conroe, we get plenty of questions from both prospective buyers and returning customers alike. To ensure transparency, we’ve compiled the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions for you to check out.

Should I Buy or Lease? 

Whether buying or leasing is the best option for you depends on a couple factors. Do you drive less than the average driver? Do you want to try a new Mazda vehicle every few years? Then you should consider a lease; it also typically includes a lower monthly payment and the option to buy at the end of the lease. 

Do you drive more than the average driver? Do you want to customize or accessorize your Mazda vehicle? Then you should consider buying; our finance team is ready to walk you through the process. 

What's the Difference Between Pre-Owned and MAZDA Certified Pre-Owned? 

A Mazda Certified Pre-Owned vehicle has passed a rigorous 160-point inspection covering every aspect and component, large and small. In fact, some are also optimized by our trained technicians to function nearly as well as a new model. 

What Is Financing? 

Financing is when a lending institution pays for your vehicle upfront and receives monthly payments from you over a set time frame. Your monthly payment includes an annual percentage rate, which is the yearly interest paid to your lender. Your monthly payment amount depends on factors like credit score and down payment. 

When Should I Visit the Service Department? 

If you’ve purchased a new or Mazda Certified Pre-Owned vehicle from our dealership, you should bring it in to our service center for routine maintenance in accordance to the intervals stated in your owner's manual. However, if you notice your car is not performing as well as normal, experience a breakdown, or are in a collision, bring your Mazda to our service center for professional repairs. 

We at Gullo Mazda of Conroe look forward to answering more questions in person. Visit our Mazda dealership north of Houston today! 

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