Do Transfer Cases Require Stand-Alone Inspections?

Four-wheel drive vehicles can furnish drivers like you with stability and power in tough weather and road conditions. Some kinds of 4WD trucks and SUVs have the ability to engage 2-wheel drive service at will. Such cars and trucks often include parts known as transfer cases.

Transfer cases are special gearboxes that attach to regular transmissions or their casings. Transfer cases can use energy from the main transmissions to engage 4-wheel or 2-wheel drive service whenever necessary. These pieces of machinery are complex, and have many moving parts that can wear out over time. While these parts are durable, they do require regular repair and replacement services in order to prevent expensive break-downs.

Here at our Mazda parts and repair facility in the Conroe area, our certified and experienced transmission technicians can give your transfer case individualized attention. To feel the difference that regular servicing can make, swing by our place today for a no-obligation conversation.

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